Our society

AVELAJ is a maritime engineering company.

Our expertise is in the management of complex maritime projects using modern technologies for many different types of customers: ship-owners, government agencies or administrations, companies having commissioned the construction of fishing vessels, work boats or yachts, and all other companies requiring specific design concepts or expertise in the maritime area.

AVELAJ offers project assistance, in collaboration with customer teams, in order to add technical capacity to the team, which bringing new ideas to help optimize and improve overall project management.

AVELAJ guarantees the confidentiality of all information related to customers’ specific files.


  • Embracing new technologies
  • Respect for the environment
  • Committed to Marine safety
  • Dedicated to Energy Performance
  • Taking a personalized approach for customers and their concerns
  • Independent thinking and creative solutions
  • Committed to win win solutions with our customers
What we do

Create gateways between shipyards, naval architects, seafarers and businesses

Assist customers in vessel design , construction or retrofit, with regard to energy performance, security and suitability to customer needs

Share and make available technology, experience and know how required to operate and manage hybrid vessels

Research for innovative solutions and technologies to reduce overall vessel C02 emissions

Customers and know how


  • Owners or agents of merchant vessels
  • Owners or Agents of fishing vessels
  • Industrial concerns involved in the maritime business
  • Government agencies or administrations
  • Yacht owners (sail or power)…

Our Know How:

  • Assistance in custom ship design to achieve performance or other objectives
  • Environmental adaptation of vessels, including modifications of vessel propulsion or energy systems
  • Energy performance optimization
  • Refitting and vessel modernization
  • Supervision of dry dock stops or major repairs
  • Monitoring of quality and regulatory status, in conformity with classification societies and national flag requirements
  • Financial management of vessel construction or repairs
  • Technical advice on the purchase or sale of existing vessels
  • Preparation of certification files
  • Claim and litigation management
  • Management of after-sales yard service
  • Legal protection, mediation and conciliation services
  • Administrative expertise, crew recruitment, vessel flag modifications…

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