Energy Efficiency Management Plan


We develop integrated plans for the optimization of vessel energy efficiency (SEEMP)


On January 1st, 2013 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandated the creation of a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) on all ships of more than 400 gross tons (GT). In an approach of ” Plan-Do -Check-Act ” (PDCA cycle), the SEEMP identifies several measures which are designed to achieve increases in efficiency for fuel usage while reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The implementation of this plan is mandatory.

Avelaj provides a simple and cost effective way to comply with SEEMP guidelines, present and future. Depending on specific customer’s needs, AVELAJ can provide expertise and services to help ship captains improve overall fuel efficiency as well as assist the vessel operators and owners optimize their performance of the fleets.

This service is also proposed for Fishing Boat owners or yacht owners concerned with CO2 emissions.

Avelaj offers dedicated services for specific ships or operations based on the software available on the market.


Data “Watt Tracker” embedded systems


AVELAJ offers optimization of custom vessel routing systems, based on available software, providing the captain with weather analysis tools and functions necessary for optimal vessel routing and safety in order to run the travel plan.

The information provided includes the analysis and forecasting data of pressure, wind, waves, swell, current, structural icing, visibility, precipitation and the temperature of the air as well as an analysis of the sea surface temperature. Using the software the captain can trace the route and calculate the optimal time or energy consumption. It is also possible to input a required arrival time to obtain navigational parameters



The “Watt Tracker” allows the collection and processing of valuable information used for various purposes.

Low cost and real-time monitoring of the vessel and the monitoring is an important factor for the optimization of the vessel performance and ensure in alert status of specific events.

Depending on vessel, data will be collected through a dedicated computer, or from equipment via NMEA Network.


Analysis of Voyage


On a quarterly basis AVELAJ can also prepare a “return on investment report” (ROI report) on a ship / fleet by. If the Captain or the Operation Department provides a scheduled voyage plan , AVELAJ will calculate the savings from the proposed route and the route actually sailed.

This document can also be used to establish the efficiency index of the Ship Operations (EEOI) according to MARPOL


EEOI Calculation


The EEOI is a calculation that is designed to reflect the CO2 emitted by transport work performed. In its simplest form the energy efficiency operational indicator is defined as the ratio of the weight of CO2 (M) emitted per unit of transport work:

Indicator = MCO2/ (transport work)

AVELAJ proposes to establish and measure the index of operational efficiency of ships for the account of the ship-owners…


 Continuous improvement of energy efficiency


The services of AVELAJ allow operators to easily monitor and continually improve the efficiency of their vessels in order to adapt and anticipate new maritime legislation.



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