Expertise in Hybrid Vessel maintenance and optimization

hybrideAVELAJ has substantial experience in the management, maintenance, and repair of Wind Assisted Propulsion Vessel systems (WASP), and has developed its core expertise in wind system optimizations.

Maintenance and optimization require certain specific characteristics, such as:

  • Rigging maintenance in accordance with the regulations of the Classification society
  • Development of sail equipment reliability
  • Optimization of wind propulsion systems
  • Automation of sail systems
  • Integration of propeller design and operation modifications to complement the Wind Propulsion system, in order to gain overall system and energy efficiencies
  • Electric propulsion experience, up to 3 MW, 6600 V, asynchronous or synchronous frequency driven motors

Avelaj also evaluates how emerging new energy technologies can be integrated in Vessels, in regards to handling, operation, safety, legislation, energy gain & crew training.